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Making of a Signature Drink: Brats' Tobacco Milkshake

Making of a Signature Drink: Brats' Tobacco Milkshake

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The inspiration behind this decidedly adult milkshake

Arthur Bovino

Booze has long been a popular addition to the milkshake. Nostalgic adults know that adding Bailey's, rum, or any number of other liquors can improve upon the seemingly perfect childhood treat.

But what about tobacco? Don't raise your eyebrows just yet. Daniel Angerer has added the intoxicant to his shakes at Brats, his casual Austrian diner in New York City's Chelsea neighborhood. "We're using a seco leaf type of tobacco which is a mild cigar tobacco — I love the flavor nuances of it. Smoking tobacco has been a part of dining for a long time so it was natural for me to incorporate it into Brat's menu."

The tobacco infusion lends a mildly smoky flavor to the vanilla ice cream base. If you think of mellow vanilla-scented smoke wafting from a pipe, the combination begins to sound less odd. Try it with the selection of house-made sausages like the Dragon Dog, a Berkshire pork sausage wedged into a fresh local bakery poppy seed bun with kimchee. Intoxicating.

Update: It was just announced that Brats has closed.

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