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Kandia dark chocolate cream eclairs for cakes, 50% superior cocoa with Ghanaian origin

Kandia dark chocolate cream eclairs for cakes, 50% superior cocoa with Ghanaian origin

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Today we do eclairs with chocolate cream and I am convinced that they will turn out delicious! For the cream, mix the egg yolks with the sugar and starch, pour the hot milk little by little and put it on the fire until it thickens.

Then we put the butter and Kandia dark chocolate for cakes and mix well with a fork until melted. We move the cream in a bowl, put a plastic wrap on top and leave it to cool. Separately, pour hot cream over the chopped chocolate and mix until you get a fine icing. (a square of chocolate weighs 10 grams) We cut the shells of eclairs half and glaze the top. Sprinkle with chocolate flakes. When the cream has cooled, mix it, put it in a bowl and fill the eclairs.

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Why use Kandia dark chocolate for cakes? Because it has a table of high quality cocoa, of Ghanaian origin. Cocoa beans of Ghanaian origin are recognized both for their special flavor profile, intense chocolate, but also for their quality (high fat content, ie cocoa butter). The aroma is clear, clean, chocolate, followed by notes of coffee and nuts, which balance the light notes of wood, and delicate notes of fruit. The acidity is relatively neutral, the degree of bitterness is relatively medium. All these features outline a balanced, round taste profile with a specific chocolate taste. Unlike the Ghana taste profile, other origins have a different taste profile: Brazil has a weak cocoa taste, but may be acidic, bitter and astringent, and Ecuador has a more balanced profile than Brazil, but has no specific taste. chocolate of grains of Ghanaian origin.

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