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Stuffed turkey

Stuffed turkey

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I thawed the turkey, washed it well inside and out.

I peeled 2 apples and put them in the turkey, along with a few slices of celery and a small peeled onion.

Separately in a bowl I prepared a sauce from: half a glass of red wine, 2 lg herbs of Provence, 1 lg hot paprika, salt, pepper, 3 Lg of olive oil .... here I do not know for sure, but I think the husband pus si oregano caci e mare fan.

I put the turkey in a bag for cooking in the oven (there are also bigger bags without spices) and there I put the sauce. I greased all the turkey with sauce. When it is ready, grease and tighten the bag.

I put the turkey in a tray and, before putting it in the oven, I pricked the bag in which the turkey was.

It took a while until the turkey was ready, about 2 hours on the right heat, but it was worth it first because of the aroma and then, when it cooled, because of the taste.

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