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Pomegranate and mint cocktail

Pomegranate and mint cocktail

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Mona made cake, medioto steak ... I bring a drink ...
for Mona aziz, with love
Happy birthday, dear Mona!


  • 250 ml of fresh pomegranate juice
  • 250 ml of mineral water
  • 1/2 lemon juice
  • 2 lg mint syrup
  • 100 ml plum brandy, 54 degrees (I needed vodka, yes I didn't have it ... and since I have real Salaj brandy ... it's just a good substitute ...)
  • ice cubes
  • 3-4 tablespoons of honey

Servings: 7

Preparation time: less than 30 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Pomegranate and mint cocktail:

Mix the brandy with the lemon juice and mint syrup, then add the honey and leave it on the fire until it boils well and the honey melts. It's getting cold. Add mineral water and pomegranate juice. Mix well. Strain through a clean gauze to keep it clear. Serve with ice cubes and lemon slices.

Good luck Mona, live many happy years !!!!

And for you the rest, of course !!!

What are the health benefits of mint?

Improves digestion

Also known as "izma", mint has an important role on digestion. It helps reduce inflammation and relieve indigestion.

A hot mint tea can work wonders on your stomach.

Get rid of headaches

Mint also helps to relieve headaches, but also nausea. Fresh mint leaves are the "responsible" for this because their strong and invigorating aroma is an effective and quick remedy against nausea.

It helps breastfeeding

Breastfeeding can affect the condition of the breasts, and peppermint oil is beneficial in this regard, it reduces the pain felt in the breasts.

Improves respiratory ailments

As you already suspect, also due to its strong aroma, mint is effective in clearing the airways. The smell of mint also helps reduce the irritation caused by chronic cough.

In addition to the fact that mint has health benefits, with it you can prepare a lot of delicious drinks and cocktails. Below, we have prepared a list of 5 cocktail recipes that you can prepare with mint.

Whether you are having a party at home or you want to prepare a delicious cocktail for yourself, the recipes below are refreshing and perfect for hot summer days.

1. Raspberry Mojito

I'm sure you love a glass of Mojito made to order.

  • 9 mint leaves
  • 90 ml rom
  • 30 ml triple sec
  • 5 slices of lime
  • 50 grams of raspberries
  • 30 ml of raspberry juice.

Crush the raspberries, lime slices and mint leaves in a cocktail shaker, then fill the container with ice and add the other ingredients. Shake everything very well and pour the contents into a tall glass, in which you have already put the ice.

Decorate the glass with a few mint leaves and a raspberry, add a straw and enjoy a perfect drink for this summer!

2. Mint Julep Classic

This sweet and refreshing drink is probably the most famous cocktail of "American Southerners".


  • 90 ml bourbon whiskey
  • 12 mint leaves
  • caster sugar to taste
  • ice.

Put the mint leaves in a mortar and add the sugar, then rub everything well. Add a little bourbon, then put the composition in a glass. Fill the glass with ice, then add the rest of the whiskey over the ice.

Decorate the mint cocktail and enjoy a refreshing and delicious drink!

3. Strawberry-Lillet Crush

The refreshing, slightly sweet and deliciously named cocktail Strawberry-Lillet Crush it can be drunk by ladies and gentlemen, but also by gentlemen.

  • 6 mint leaves
  • 3 strawberries that you peeled aside plus a few for decoration
  • 15 ml of strawberry syrup
  • 60 ml of gin
  • Lillet Aperitif Blanc, wine-based appetizer
  • crushed ice.

In a cocktail shaker, crush the mint and strawberries and then add the syrup. Fill the shaker with ice and add the gin and Lillet. Shake everything well and pour the composition into a tall glass.

Decorate everything with strawberries and you can enjoy a delicious drink!

4. Classic mojito

If you want to enjoy a classic, cool and delicious mojito, then I leave here the recipe.

  • 50 ml rom
  • 12 mint leaves
  • 2 teaspoons caster sugar
  • half a lime
  • 25 ml of carbonated mineral water
  • ice.

Mix the lime juice with the sugar in a large glass. Add a little crushed ice, over which you add the mint leaves that you break in half. Stir gently and add the rum. Be sure to choose a quality rum to feel the authentic taste of Cuban cocktail.

Then fill the glass with ice, add a little mineral water and decorate with mint!

5. Cocktail with vodka and mint

For those who like the taste of vodka, we have also prepared a refreshing cocktail recipe for summer.

  • 1/4 cup vodka
  • 1 teaspoon of liqueur
  • 12 mint leaves
  • half a lime
  • half a cucumber
  • 1 teaspoon caster sugar
  • ice cubes.

Squeeze the lime juice, peel the cucumber and put the core in a blender. Then strain the composition obtained in the blender with a sieve, pressing with a teaspoon.

Put the ice in a cocktail shaker, add mint and lime juice and shake well. Then add the cucumber puree obtained, vodka and liqueur. Shake everything well and put in a glass in which you have already put the crushed boot. Add a straw and enjoy a delicious cocktail!

Cocktail: Gin & amp Tonic with cucumber and mint

You need a quality gin, but also a slightly special tonic water, which will complement it perfectly. However, the two ingredients are not enough to get a cocktail in the true sense of the word. How can you give it the twist it needs? The answer is simple. Adding a few slices of cucumber. Nothing easier.

Here's how easy it is to make a cocktail:

1. In a large glass container, pour a liter of tonic water.

2. Add 1 cup and a half of quality gin.

3. Slice 2-3 cucumbers (or a large one) very thin, add them to the container and mix well.

4. Then add some well-washed mint leaves, ice and mix again.

This way you get about 6 cocktails for you and your friends.

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10 cocktails served on Valentine's Day

1. Valentine's Day Cocktail - If there is a unique cocktail that deserves to be served on Valentine's Day, then it is Saint Valentine. Beyond the right name, this drink comes from one of the modern masters of cocktails, David Wondrich, and is a simple cocktail with a wonderful design and worthy of a toast to love.

2. Manhattan Love Story - is the cocktail in which whiskey and sake make the perfect combination and a real delight. Ginger and bitter notes make this drink an aromatic cocktail, perfect to be enjoyed with your girlfriend / boyfriend.

3. Marriage of Figaro - A unique cocktail made from whiskey infused with figs. Fig is a natural aphrodisiac that combined with alcohol, makes this cocktail a winner when it comes to romance.

4. Menage a XXX - This cocktail rivals any other chocolate martini you have ever tried. Menage a XXX is full of sweetness, with a fine aroma of liqueurs and chocolate notes. Far too tempting, isn't it?

5. Bed of Rosses - A wonderful cocktail, with fruity notes that highlight the gentle side of the Jagermeister. The delicious drink includes herbal liqueur mixed with sweet pomegranate juice and a little citrus juice. Simple but effective!

6. Oriental Passion - Are you looking for a fruity martini with a unique profile? This wonderful cocktail, Oriental Passion is a perfect choice. The mixture is one of a fine gin, a sweet lemon liqueur and passion fruit nectar, which will be a perfect complement to your romantic endeavors.

7. Passion Cocktail - A unisex recipe, Passion Cocktail is described as a Cosmo Tequila. Similar to Cosmopolitan, the cocktail includes blueberry juice, fresh lime juice and orange liqueur. Grand Marnier is used instead of Cointreau, which in this case is a perfect combination with tequila.

8. The Chrysanthemum Cocktail - Simple and captivating this cocktail is unique. The drink looks like a Brandy "Martini" and is in the top of sweet and pink drinks that are usually associated with Valentine's Day.

9. Passion Pearl Cocktail - Simple, but wonderful, this cocktail evokes feelings like in those first days when you fell in love. To set the tone for fun, you need a simple mixture of rum and vodka from the fruit of passion.

10. Soul Kiss - this cocktail is a wonderful addition to celebrate Valentine's Day. The mix is ​​quite simple: whiskey, dry vermouth, orange juice and Dubonnet.

Fights osteoarthritis with pomegranate juice

Pomegranate juice tends to act as an inhibitor on the enzymes responsible for cartilage destruction in joint diseases.

However, several studies need to be performed to better explain the cause-and-effect relationship between oral administration of pomegranate-based treatment and slowing of cartilage destruction.

Given all these benefits that pomegranate has for the health of the body, all you have to do is drink as much as possible. pomegranate juice or simply eat the fruit.

Top 5 non-alcoholic cocktails

Some do not see parties without alcohol, while others either do not love them or are not allowed to consume them. If you do not want to remain in the category of & ldquopetrecaretilor who drink plain water with lemon & rdquo you can ask the host or bartender for a non-alcoholic cocktail that can attract all eyes.

1.Cocktail Virgin Mary

The milder version of the famous Bloody Mary does not contain any drop of vodka, but it has the same good taste of tomatoes. It is a spicy and cold drink that you can drink even in the morning for breakfast, after a hangover. It involves a mixture of tomato juice, lemon juice, hot Tabasco sauce, ground black pepper and a stalk of celery as a decoration.

2.Shiley Temple non-alcoholic

It's a good cocktail even for children, named after the little American star who was making waves in Hollywood in the & rsquo40. It is prepared with pomegranate syrup and tonic water, a lot of ice and a Maraschino cherry, to decorate the glass nicely. Pomegranate liqueur is used in the alcoholic version of the cocktail.

Instead of a Mojito with a lot of rum, you can try the non-alcoholic version of this Cuban cocktail. In a glass decorated with mint leaves you will receive a mixture of lime juice, mineral water and brown sugar. It is, in fact, a bitter and large lemonade fresh due to the mint leaves.

4.Pina Colada for children

Even the youngest guests can drink this cocktail. If you give up rum and double the amount of pineapple, you will have the same exotic taste in the glass, without getting dizzy. It is prepared with pineapple juice, pineapple pieces, coconut milk, lime juice and ice, mixed and crushed well with a blender.

5. Bleeding without alcohol

If you like the traditional Spanish drink, you will not refuse this cocktail, even if it does not have any drop of wine in it. It is made with pomegranate juice and mango juice, mixed with pieces of fresh fruit (orange, strawberry, papaya) and sugar.

If you are the host of a party that you know will be attended by many guests who do not consume alcohol, it would be good to make a stock of drinks for them: non-alcoholic beer, natural fruit juices, agave nectar for tequila lovers and a mixture of white grape juice and lime for vodka lovers.

Do not give up the decor elements, even if you serve guests some cocktails or non-alcoholic drinks. Use mint leaves, candied cherries, lemon peel, straw and colorful umbrellas.

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1 slice of watermelon (about 300 g)
50 ml mint liqueur (or a few mint leaves)
optional sugar

Cut the melon into pieces and add it to the blender, add the ice and blend it.
We pass the puree through a sieve (or we can remove the seeds before we put it in the blender)
Mix with mint liqueur (or chopped mint leaves).
Let it cool until ready to serve.
I added some crushed ice when I served

Try this video recipe too

Cauliflower tabbouleh with mint and pomegranate

As you may have noticed from this chronology of recipes that have been circulating on the blog for some years, my diet consists of a continuous ping pong between things deep fried, high-calorie and / or full of refined sugar and salads that try to balance the balance.

At this point, you caught me in the phase where I'm trying to recover from damagemade a few days (and nights) by decadance & debauchery. I don't know if I will succeed, but I can only try.

4 servings, 15 minutes

      • ½ medium cauliflower
      • 3 parsley bindings
      • ½ mint connection
      • 1 radish tie
      • seeds from 1 pomegranate
      • ½ fabio cucumber
      • 3 green onions
        • 3 tablespoons olive oil
        • 2-3 tablespoons lemon juice
        • salt and freshly ground pepper

        Wash and clean all vegetables and herbs, then drain or wipe with a paper towel.

        Cut the cauliflower into florets and grind them with a food processor until they turn into crumbs. Transfer them to a large bowl.

        Finely chop the parsley, green onion and mint, then add them over the cauliflower.

        Cut the radishes and cucumbers into cubes and add to the bowl, along with the pomegranate seeds.

        For the dressing, mix the oil and lemon juice together with the salt and pepper, pour it over the rest of the ingredients. Stir well. And stop eating nonsense! (Here was an inner monologue. I was talking to me, don't take it personally: p)

        How to make a Mojito cocktail at home

        Do you want to cool off in Cuban style, but from the comfort of your home, not from a bar? You can enjoy a Mojito cocktail right at home, from some ingredients you can find in any supermarket!

        And if you follow this Mojito cocktail recipe, you get 4 servings, so you can share them with your visiting friends.

        1. In 4 different glasses put half a washed lime, cut into quarters.
        2. Add 1 tablespoon of sugar to each glass and 4-5 mint leaves.
        3. Crush the contents of the glass well with the handle of a spoon or a harder kitchen utensil.
        4. Then add 50 ml of rum in each glass, crushed ice (with a twister or in the food processor) and top up with mineral water.
        5. Garnish each glass with a little mint and serve the Mojito cocktails immediately.

        Pomegranate recipes

        With these pomegranate recipes you will learn to prepare a delicious and healthy juice or appetizing sauces for various foods. Prepare today, for the family and children, a pomegranate juice that can't be better!

        Food type +

        • Aperitifs (247)
        • Drinks (60)
        • Soups (61)
        • Desserts (362)
        • Dishes (678)
        • Seals (75)
        • Brickwork (12)
        • Salads (195)
        • Sauces (66)
        • Soups (121)
        • Bread (18)
        • Mamaliga (6)
        • Finger Food (413)

        Method of preparation +

        After season +

        The main ingredient -

        • Meat (469)
        • Fruit (374)
          • Mother (57)
          • Pere (14)
          • Strawberries (51)
          • Lawyer (29)
          • Bananas (45)
          • Lamai (33)
          • Orange (31)
          • Gutui (4)
          • Apricots (8)
          • Mango (17)
          • Cherries (6)
          • Plums (4)
          • Pineapple (15)
          • Cherries (18)
          • Grapefruit (4)
          • Peaches (15)
          • Walnuts (28)
          • Grapes (15)
          • Raspberries (21)
          • Watermelon (12)
          • Blueberries (14)
          • Coconut nut (7)
          • Kiwi (15)
          • Walls (8)
          • Pomegranates (5)
          • Almonds (15)

          Preparation time +

          By origin +

          • Romanesti (113)
          • Italian (168)
          • Greek (19)
          • American (39)
          • Bulgaria (2)
          • French (26)
          • Chinese (19)
          • Indian (22)
          • Turkish (17)
          • Mexican (12)
          • Spanish (8)
          • Hungarian (2)

          After the occasion +

          After meal time +

          Other features +

          The first days of spring can bring, along with the bleaching sun and longer days, the unpleasant conditions caused by.

          Fennel salad with apple and pomegranate is a cocktail of health and taste, being a salad very easy to prepare, which combines sweet taste.

          The dessert with couscous and pomegranate is ideal for the whole family, and for a child over 1 year old. The association between.

          Beef steak in pomegranate sauce is that dish that will impress anyone, even your baby. With a sweet-sour taste.

          The pomegranate cake is the ideal dessert for the moments when you want to prepare a special dessert for your child, which will delight him as well.

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