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Wafer sheets filled with caramel cream

Wafer sheets filled with caramel cream

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Put the 4 eggs with 300 g of sugar on the steam bath, mix until it starts to thicken, remove from the heat and add the margarine. Stir until the margarine melts. Leave the bowl over the bowl with the water to stay warm, until we caramelize the sugar.

In a saucepan, caramelize 200 g of sugar, then pour the egg cream over the caramelized sugar, mixing well and quickly so that it does not harden, add the walnuts and mix well. The whole operation is done against the clock so that it does not harden.

Place the caramel between the wafer sheets, 5 pieces in each package. Then wrap them in cling film and place a weight on top, to press evenly.

Cut cold, with a sharp knife.


Wafer, caramel and walnut cake is the simplest and fastest cake! I don't think there is a child who doesn't melt after this cake full of caramel and walnuts.

And the fact that a platter ends without you realizing when and how this was possible makes you think & # 8230 how many times will you have to redo the cake to get full?

Waffles with caramel and walnuts are the cakes that my brother and I used to argue with when we were little. It was customary for me not to eat a lot of sweets, the chocolate would probably have spoiled, I didn't really touch the candies from the store, and among the homemade cakes this was my favorite. While Adi took my chocolate and left the packaging back, so that I wouldn't notice immediately, I hid pieces of wafers with walnuts and caramel in a cardboard box, where he thought I was keeping my collection of paper napkins. We ate secretly and I had enough for a week, because my mother usually made two cakes, especially around an important event. Fortunately, we also had the communist period in the house of butter, chocolate, Sibiu salami and other things that were very difficult to reach in the country. There were "order boxes" and my mother was friends with the ladies there, who gave kindness only to certain people. My mother helped the ladies get leather shoes or quality fabrics, and they let her buy everything she wanted from the auction house. I was not allowed to tell other children that we have chocolate or Sibiu salami in the house, so as not to make them feel bad, although I don't know how it was that all the children in the block still had Chinese chocolate. The same one I kept hidden from my brother.

I remember many dishes from that time, walnut cakes, rolls, cakes of all kinds, but this was the one I liked the most. And today it happens to me when I go a long way by car and enter a gas station to want to buy wafers. I eat twice of them and give them to my husband or child. I can't find the pleasure of the taste I have when I eat homemade waffles with caramel and walnuts.

Nothing compares to the cake with wafer sheets, caramel and walnuts! I prepared with my neighbor and my friend Georgiana and for our children when they went on a trip. Of all the desserts, wafers with caramel and walnuts the first ones are over.

Wafer, caramel and walnut cake it is a simple, quick, easy to prepare and extremely delicious dessert. If you have nuts from your own garden, it is also very cheap, otherwise the price for walnuts has exploded, but this cake is worth all the money.

It is very important that the nuts are lightly fried before being put in the cake. Their aroma is more intense. I use rum essence. It seems to me that it goes best with walnuts. This is probably due to the fact that I grew up with this taste. Vanilla also works, but the aroma is lost next to the walnut, which has a strong taste due to the oils contained in it. In conclusion, if you put vanilla you put it in vain.

You will not feel it at all. You need a stronger aroma. Try rum (alcohol) if you do not want to use the essence. You can put, in addition to nuts and hazelnuts, or just hazelnuts.

Another important detail is that when you caramelize the sugar it is that it inchwide quickly in color, you have to work quickly from the moment it catches the color of the caramel, not to end up being dark brown or black. There are two methods of caramelization. One with water, another simple, just sugar in the pot. In both cases do not mix in the pot with a spoon until it starts to take on color, just tilt the pan & # 8211 if necessary!

The best part about this recipe is that everything is ready when you turn off the heat. Do not rub butter separately, as we have seen in other recipes. My recipe is quick and very good! And this can be confirmed by 28 children in the choir, by friends who tried the recipe, but also by those who follow my blog and tried the recipe.

Here is the list of ingredients and how to prepare the cake with wafer, caramel and walnut leaves:


For the cream:
400 g walnuts
200 g sugar
5 eggs
250 g butter
1 teaspoon free of rum

For caramel:
300 g sugar

First of all, I started to lightly fry the walnuts. We kept them in the preheated oven at 200 ° C for a few minutes, being careful not to burn them.

I chopped the walnut, but not very finely. I softened the sugar, then I added the butter, sugar and walnuts in turn, mixing after each one until it is homogenous. I left the pot on low heat all this time.

At the end I gradually added beaten eggs and mixed until the composition thickened, then I took it off the heat. At this point I added the rum essence and mixed well. I immediately poured it over a wafer sheet.

I covered with another sheet and repeated the operation until I finished the cream and the sheets. I put a weight on them so that there is pressure and they stick well together.

I left the cake with caramel wafer sheets and walnuts overnight with the weight on it, then I cut it into cubes.

Good appetite and increase the cake!

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Wafer sheets filled with walnut cream

When I was little, it was my favorite cake. Wafer sheets are commercially available. I used three sheets this time.

For the cream, you need:

  • 4 whole eggs
  • a cup and a half of sugar
  • a butter pack
  • 2 tablespoons grated cocoa
  • 250 gr of walnuts

Grind the walnut in the food processor, so that it is neither too small nor large, then fry it a little in an oil-free pan. Put eggs, butter (at room temperature) and a cup of sugar in a pot and mix.

Then put it on the fire, stirring constantly, until it starts to boil. Then add the cocoa, mix well, then add the roasted walnuts and mix again.

Meanwhile, put the other half cup of sugar in another pot and stir continuously until it melts and turns brown. Then pour the caramel over the walnut composition, mixing well. It will gradually thicken.

Put it so hot on a wafer sheet (with the big holes up), then quickly put the second wafer sheet on top, put the cream on again, then place the last of the sheet and press well.

Refrigerate, and can be served in 15 minutes.

Cream wafers

I am convinced that you have noticed that for some time, almost two years, I am involved in a beautiful project, I could say, Selgros is looking for passion. I met culinary bloggers, made friends and brought long-forgotten recipes to the blog. What I want to write to you is that it is not easy to write a new recipe when you have over 1000 recipes on the blog but I liked the challenge so I looked everywhere for inspiration and especially recipes that remind us of childhood . Some have been slightly adapted so that you can prepare them, others are as I know them since I was a child from my mother or grandmother, however, you should know that in all of them I put and put soul because they are special recipes that are very dear to me. The proof is that look, September is coming to an end and only now have I found the recipe for this month's soul.

The other day, I passed the kindergarten where the big boy was and seeing the little ones I remembered when I was in kindergarten in the big group and I was waiting for my mother with my heart in my mouth because I knew she would bring me something good. A eugenics, biscuits or supreme Neapolitan sweets with cream. My mother worked in the canteen of the Hunedoara steel plant, there I ate pretzels with salt hanging on the string so I wouldn't burn, there I saw how coffee was made in a kettle on hot sand and there I had the opportunity to enter the confectionery laboratory where desserts were made . I remember that she was a weak aunt on the way out who was very skilled and let me look at her how she makes waffles with cream, or rather wafer cream, I have never seen such large amounts of cream until then :) Now don't expect me to know her recipe, at that time I was 7-8 years old, my mother had another recipe, the neighbor as well, but I searched and kept asking until I found a recipe that I like and that looks like how much I ate when I was little.

Cream wafers

  • a box of large wafer sheets size 29 & # 21539 cm
  • 1 l milk
  • 500g sugar
  • 150g ground walnuts
  • 250g butter (can be lean or greasy I used with 82% fat)
  • 200g plain ground biscuits
  • 2 teaspoons rum essence
  • 100g household chocolate (optional)

For starters I would like to mention that many portions come out of these quantities of ingredients, I recommend you make only half a portion. The amount I make is ideal for holidays, birthdays or special occasions, practically for when you have guests.

Bring the milk sugar to a boil over low heat and let it boil without a lid until it is reduced by half. I didn't look at my watch but I think I left it for about 2 hours. I looked at the pot (it was graded) my luck :). After about 2 hours the mixture has a light gray color and is slightly thicker.

Add the ground walnuts, mix and leave on the fire for about 5 minutes, then take the pot off the heat and add the butter, chocolate, biscuits and rum essence.

The composition is quite thick, slightly flowing, do not worry it will harden well enough.

On a larger tray we put a transparent or aluminum foil, we put the first wafer sheet, then we pour a part of the composition and we spread it well over the whole sheet. To make the perfect layers, you can weigh the composition and divide it by 4. I put ochiometrically but it came out well.

On top we put a wooden bottom over which we place something heavy so that the sheets are well pressed. Let the wafer cool and leave for a few hours, preferably overnight.

We cut with a well-sharpened knife rectangular shapes, diamonds, as you like and serve.

For daily recipe recommendations, you can also find me on the Facebook page, on Youtube, on Pinterest and on Instagram. I invite you to like, subscribe and follow. Also, the group Let's cook with Amalia is waiting for you for exchanges of recipes and experiences in the kitchen.

Wafers with milk cream

Ceau, girls & # 33 bring you a sweet-and-sweet recipe, with wafers, which I love and with milk, which, at the moment, I crave.
You need for the cream:
- 1 liter of milk
- 600 g sugar
[attachmentid = 68525]

- 1 pack of wafers
- 3 packets of biscuits - 70 g. Package (Vanilla Picnic or Petit Beurre)
- 1 tablespoon margarine or butter
- ground walnuts - as much as you want.
[attachmentid = 68527]

So boil the milk with the sugar - don't be scared & # 33. edit: - 2 hours half - simmer until it becomes like caramel and sticks like honey. Don't think that you will stay in the cream for an hour. just like that - from time to time, I know: every 15 minutes, because it doesn't stick to the pot - I tell you for sure & # 33
This is what the cream looks like after an hour and a half (quite liquid, but it hardens after you put it in the fridge.) I took it out of the pot so you can see it better (you leave it in its place)
[attachmentid = 68536]
then I put it back - for the last interventions: I added a spoonful of margarine, I mixed well and I put the ground biscuits, leaving on the fire only a little until it is incorporated. At the end - put the ground walnuts (I put a ton & # 33) and leave to cool.
[attachmentid = 68537]
After the composition has cooled well, start filling the wafer sheets.
First sheet:
[attachmentid = 68538]
[attachmentid = 68539]
Ready Cake & # 33:
[attachmentid = 68540]
Sections- I put 2 pictures to see what & quotumflate & quot are:
[attachmentid = 68541]
[attachmentid = 68542]
Of course, I didn't have a chance to leave the cake to harden, as you can see in the pictures. for "my loyal customers" had something to talk to her about

Who wants it less sweet, can reduce the amount of sugar, but I can not tell you how it behaves because I always did it with extra-sugar (maybe add more ground cookies)
I want to tell you that the cake will come out softer than other wafers - because of the milk.
I hope you like it & # 33

Thumbnails attached

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# 2 Adriana Nicoleta

I have everything, especially wafers, thanks to the goodwill of the cooks from the American continent, so I make sure.
The milk cream or soft cream that you make like this can be done in a way, I wrote this a long time ago, with condensed milk from the box, put the whole unopened box in a pot covered with water and leave it to boiled for 2 hours, then let it cool and open, it's thicker than yours.

Cake with wafer sheets, walnuts and shit

Remember the Nuga cake with wafer sheets and fluffy top with walnuts and. In a bowl, rub the butter with the sugar, then add the ground walnuts and a little rum essence. Appetizer: Wafer sheets filled with walnuts. It was a time when I used to do Rumba very often. I'm glad you reminded me of her, she's delicious. Let the cake sit for a few hours, and then we can portion it. Very beautiful cookies and very delicious! The traditional recipe for Lica sheet cake. Caramel gives it flavor, and walnut, consistency.

Well, among them was this cake with wafer sheets, coconut top and chocolate cream, absolutely delicious! What I miss about a wafer cake, it looks great and I like it. A delicious cake, easy to make… Ingredients. Put a layer of whipped cream over the counter and over the cream.

You can replace the butter with a few tablespoons of whipped cream. It's a delicious cake, it's one. Neapolitan wafer cake with caramel and nuts, or Lica leaf cake. Roasted walnuts, although delicious for other cakes, change here.

Put the resulting cream on each wafer sheet.

Wafer sheets with honey and nuts

This period is one of the most beautiful but also the busiest of the year. It's great to buy presents, make the Christmas tree and look for the taste of childhood. From time to time I go back to childhood recipes, and this time it's about wafer sheets with honey and nuts.

It's a recipe I've never made but I've come across it many times. I think the best was the one made by Mihaela Ulman, so I went directly to the source for the recipe.

It's easy and the combination of honey and nuts always wins. In addition to all this, the gain also comes from good Lurpak butter with over 80% fat.


  • 1 cup sugar (250g)
  • 1 cup bee honey
  • 2 dogs nuts (approx. 300g)
  • 4 large wafer sheets
  • 250g unt Lurpak

Method of preparation:

Grind the walnuts and prepare the leaves to be handy.

The sugar together with the honey and the Lurpak butter are put on low heat in a double-bottomed pan. From the moment the composition starts to boil, leave it for 5-7 minutes. A kind of thick copper-colored syrup will form.
At that moment, pour the ground walnuts and mix.

This composition must be divided into three.
Place the first wafer sheet, pour part of the composition, spread lightly and place the next sheet. Press lightly with your hands and then pour again the filling, sheet, filling, sheet. This step is done quickly because the wafer sheets tend to bend when the hot filling is placed.

After we finish, we press lightly with our hands (carefully because the sheets are quite fragile) and for a good pressing we put a big wooden chopper and a little harder on top. Leave it like this for a few hours then you can cut it.
At first we cut the edges slightly because they remain with small gaps, then we cut the cake with wafer sheets in whatever shapes we want.

These sweet rhombuses made of wafer, honey and walnut leaves are kept in metal boxes and eaten in moderation. They are extremely good, only they are a bit sweet.

For lovers of walnut cakes do not miss the recipe for walnut packages, one of the most beloved recipes by readers.

Wafer sheets with caramel cream, biscuits and walnuts

Today we celebrate 7 years of sister´s kitchen! ♡♡
We can't believe that 7 years have passed since we published the first recipe. We are glad that you have been with us during these years, and that you have been patient whenever we have disappeared from the blogosphere. For this special day, I chose one desert which reminds us of childhood, namely wafer sheets filled with caramel cream, biscuits and walnuts.


• 1 cup and a half of sugar
• 400 ml sour cream for whipped cream
• 200 g walnuts
• 150 g biscuits
• 50 g butter
• was Neapolitan

Method of preparation:

1. Put the sugar in a pan with thick walls and melt it over low heat.
It melts until it turns golden and acquires the texture of a syrup.
2. Pour the sour cream over the caramelized sugar, mix lightly and let it boil until the caramel melts.
3. In the meantime we grind the biscuits and walnuts & # 8211 we also left pieces of walnuts cut coarsely for texture and appearance.
4. After the caramel has melted, remove the pan from the heat and add the ground biscuits and walnuts. Then add the butter from the fridge.
5. Mix well and let it cool a little (not at all!)
6. We put the first sheet of wafer on a wooden bottom, and spread a layer of cream over it.
The same until we finish the sheets and the cream.
7. After we put the last wafer sheet, cover it with a baking sheet or aluminum foil, and on top we will put another wooden bottom to press the cake.
We leave it overnight.

Video: The Best Milky Cream Wafer Bars old fashioned recipe


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