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Trailer for Madrid Fusion 2015 features William, the Man with Two Mouths

Trailer for Madrid Fusion 2015 features William, the Man with Two Mouths

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William, a man with two mouths, finds understanding at Madrid Fusion, “the place to eat and talk”

Madrid Fusion 2015, the 13th annual international gastronomy summit, begins in February.

From Attic Films, here's the latest ad for the Madrid Fusion summit, an annual conference of the world’s most talented chefs and culinary figures, described by Joan Roca of El Celler de Can Roca as an event where "chefs can come and tell you what they're doing, and how, and why.”

The 2015 gastronomic conference is scheduled to take place from, February 2 to 4 and William, or “WilliaM,” as he is styled in the video, is a man uniquely qualified for such a gathering, as he has two mouths.

“Believe it or not, there are many people who enjoy my company,” says William before he breaks out into a duet.

“I know I’m different, but I’m also aware that normality is overrated,” William says as he boards a ship heading somewhere more interesting than his daily life amongst the single-mouthed. “What’s important is to find a place where you feel understood.”

Check out the Madrid Fusion line-up, which will feature the cuisine of 12 different countries, and look out for The Daily Meal’s coverage of the summit in February.

MADRID FUSIÓN "WilliaM" ENG from Attic Films on Vimeo.

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